Derucci Gel Pillow – Blue

Derucci Gel Pillow – Blue


Derucci Gel Pillow is perfect for back or side sleepers having trouble getting comfortable. The gel pillow fits around your shoulder and let your head lay comfortably snuggled in its contoured surface. There are two sizes designed for male and female both with ergonomic support make the Derucci Gel Pillow for those with neck, back or shoulder pain.

Derucci Gel Pillow’s gel is molded seamlessly to a memory foam base to ensure that it contours with your body shape for that ultimate sleep sexperience. Visit a LuxeHome Derucci showroom near you to physically experience what the Derucci Gel Pillow can add to your sleep.

  • Odorless, non-toxic gel & medical grade
  • Gel co-molded with memory foam base
  • Removable and washable soft comfy cover

Key Features:

  • Perfect for back or side sleepers
    Specifically designed to fit around the shoulder to let your head fit snuggly in its contours space.
  • Relief for neck pain and shoulder
    The ergonomic design curves around the shoulder while giving excellent support to relax the head avoiding neck pain and shoulder discomfort.
  • Instant cooling effect
    Derucci Gel Pillow design infused air tunnels to enhance naturally extreme thermal  conductivity to keep you cool and comfortable in your sleep.
  • Washable zipper cover
    You may use the soft removable cover or take it off to maximize the cooling effect of the Derucci Gel Pillow. Either way, it is recommended to always use a pillowcase on top.
  • Ergonomic design
    All Derucci Gel Pillows are ergonomically designed to align your head, neck and spine during sleep.


26 x 16.5 x 4.5 inches